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Giclee Printing


Fine Art Publishing Services


Giclee printing has been acclaimed as the premier printing medium of our time. The term giclee is derived from a French word meaning to spray. Giclee prints are characterized by a fine mist or spray applications to paper or canvas, through computer controlled inkjet nozzles. The results are subtle hues and tones, rich details and brilliant colors. Using archival pigment inks which have great lightfastness and resistant to moisture.


Why Giclee Editions?


Small Runs: It’s no longer necessary for an image-maker to produce editions of 2,000 or 3,000 in a single run. While large quantities can be printed upon an artist's request. Many find it suitable to print small editions for various reasons, to test the market with a new image. Printing smaller editions is a cost efficient way to introduce new images without traditionally the expense related to large editions.


Process I: Capturing the Image
(High Resolution Scanning)


Digital scanning is done in an open studio, allowing the lighting to be adjusted according to the original artwork characteristics to capture the texture, color and details of each image. The highest quality, digital scanning back camera is used (the betterlight system). Three separate scans are taken - one for red, one for green and one for blue. Capturing even the minute of details, subtle hues, brushstrokes and shifting changes of shadow tones. With the betterlight system we are able to capture all the color depth and fine detail needed to produce flawless reproduction prints in even the largest sizes 30” x 40” and above. A typical scan is 80 - 120 MB; we save each scan to an individual CD in two different formats for your convenience:


The original high resolution RGB file in tif format for any printing applications.


A low resolution RGB file in jpeg format for e-mailing or up-loading to a website.


Each CD comes in a plastic case for easy storage and is labeled with a full-color thumbnail print of each file on disk.


Process II: Proofing


Proofing is an essential part of the process. To meet the expectations of the artist, color corrections and other image editing may be done to assure the fullest representation of the artist’s vision for each edition. The main point of this step is to match the original and any deviations from the goal should be approved by only the artist. We operate a full color management system, to maximize color matching.




High resolution digital scan. Archive it to a CD in tif and jpeg formats. Tif format for high resolution giclee prints and jpeg format to download onto web pages. $60.00 per scan when scanned image will also be produced simultaneously with a giclee print. $80.00 for just a high resolution scan without the giclee. Note: your scan images will come in both jpeg and tif formats on your CD. Normal turnaround time for scanning artwork is 3-5 business days depending on the number of originals.


Proofing (optional) Per image - $100.00


A proof image is an artist edition, usually consisting of one giclee proof for review by the artist for color accuracy and image quality. More proofs are available upon request. This process is optional if artist chooses not to proof review their giclee.


Giclee Prints


We print on Epson papers: Ultra Smooth Fine Art papers and Museum Quality Canvas using Ultrachrome archival inks for maximum stability and longevity.


Sheet dimensions (34” x 44”)


One image per 34” x 44” sheet.
(Example: one image may utilize the entire 34” x 44” sheet. Or the same image can be printed multiple times on a 34” x 44” sheet.)


To print single sheet: on paper - $125.00 per sheet
To print 5+ identical sheets: on paper - $100.00 per sheet
To print 5+ assorted sheets: on paper - $110.00 per sheet


To print on canvas single sheet: $150.00 per sheet
To print 5+ identical sheets: $125.00 per sheet
To print 5+ assorted sheets: $135.00 per sheet


Suggested combinations: One full sheet will accommodate:
one print up to 32” x 44” with 1” border
two prints up to 20” x 32” with 1” border each
four prints up to 15” x 20” with 1” border each.


Other quantity and size combinations are possible.


Normal turnaround time for printing artwork is 7-10 business days depending on the number of originals.


If you are interested in our service, contact us:


James and Yolanda Redd
3505 Sea Pines Circle
Randallstown, MD 21133


Phone: 410-241-1433


Email address:

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