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Bowls/ Plates


The conception of our handcrafted plates and bowls, called Transformations,

has been inspired by James and Yolanda Redd.
God's word says in Christ you are a new creation being shaped and
formed into His likeness by the power of God that worketh in us.
Although using acrylic and paint as the medium is just symbolic of
God's power, the idea is clear - when surrendered to Christ, one's life
is transformed. As these plates and bowls are shaped, formed and
renewed from ordinary to extraordinary, our lives likewise are being

changed from glory to glory. Let God do a transforming work in your
life... enjoy.
All bowls and plates are one of a kind. Sizes, shapes and

colors may vary. Each creation is lightweight, shatterproof, durable and

we accept custom colors upon request.










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