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Why Commissions?
Commissioning an artist to design, implement and unveil a selected art piece has sentimental, charitable and monetary value to name a few. Art patrons and fundraising organizations can select a theme in which their function can benefit by having a highly stylized master work produced that portrays their ultimate goal, crystallizing the special occasion or event.

Image Proposal
An initial consultation is established to selectively workout the verbal details of the imagery. From this, three sketches will be produced. The client will choose one that captures all of the specifications for the final image. Please allow two weeks for the artist to produce three sketches. In this process, constant communication is held between the artist and the client to work color, logo designs, or any other elements that would be specially unique for the event or occasion. After the sketch has been approved, the painting can begin. Depending on the amount of detail in the rendering, this process can take up to 4 to 8 weeks. After the original painting has been completed, the image can now be reproduced to an edition size agreeable to both artist and client.


Image Proposal (3 sketches): $350.00
Original Artwork: $1,500.00 - $3,000.00
Giclee Prints price and size determined by artist and client


If you are interested in owning a commissioned work of art, contact us:


James and Yolanda Redd
3505 Sea Pines Circle
Randallstown, MD 21133


Phone: 410-241-1433


Email address:


Email address:




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